Student Committee


It is through the blessings of God for making 2019-20 a years of eventful and remarkable years.The students council under the leadership of Anato G Zhimo president have achieved a tremendous progress in its strive towards excellence.Its tenure started from the month of march 2019 and completed on 1st Feb 2020.The members of the students council for a tenure of 2019-20 may be listed below:

1. President - Anato G Zhimo
2. Gen. Secy - Tsulila S Mary
3. Vice President - Litanla
4. Asst. Gen. Secy - Imtiakum
5. Finance Secy - Supongtozung
6. Asst. Finance Secy- Viketo H
7. Info. Secy- Nighaka
8. Asst. Info. Secy-Koilem
9. Games & Sports Secy- Kivigho
10. Asst. Games & Sports Secy-Vetsuto
11. Literary Secy- Retongsangla
12. Asst. Literary Secy-Pikavi
13. Social and Welfare Secy-Tinuwapang
14. Asst Social and Welfare Secy- Lontsu K Lams
15. ANCSU Representatives- Yongshanti and Temsuyanger.
16. DEAN of Students Council- Sir. Luto Swuro


1. Visit to Orphanage:
The students council visited orphanage mother's hope 7th mile on 12th may 2019.The executives donated an amount of 4000 rupees to help the children as a charity.we also had a quality time with the children by singing songs and giving them sweets.The students also purchased the crafts they made and also took some book marks to be sold in the college for them.

2. ANCSU 19th Biennial Conference:
The president, general secretary, ANCSU representative and two students Lijano and Asuholi attended the ANCSU 19th biennial conference on 6th-9th Nov.2019 under the theme 'Transcendence' at Zunheboto, Zunheboto. Asuholi of 4th SEM participated in debate competition on the topic' the impact of social media is hampering the younger generation'.she was also placed in the 1st position which was awarded in group vice.And Lijano of 2nd SEM represented the college in the miss ANCSU 2019 beauty pageant.

3. Membership Collection:
The students council also collected 200 rupees each from every students in which 40rupees each was submitted to ANCSU as its membership while the remaining money have been kept for the maintenance of the office of the students council.

4. Annual Spiritual Camping 2019:
During the annual spiritual camping,the students council also made fund raise in aid of graduation gown although it wasn't a successful one.the students were collected 30 rupees each in the month of Oct as a registration and each of them were given 1 pen and notepad. Bookmarks were also sold out with the cost of 20 rupees in 3 pieces.

5. Donation of Books to Library:
As the amount earned was not sufficient for the graduation gown, the students council brought some books with the earned amount and donated in the library for the welfare of the students.

Thus with the Grace of God the tenure 2019-20 was successfully completed and the official handing and taking over was conducted on 1st February, 2020.

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