Rules & Regulations


1. Students seeking admission at the college may be admitted as per vacancy on first come first and merit basis.

2. Students seeking admission in the general course will be directly admitted, provided that the students must fulfill the requisited norms.

3. Students seeking admission in the honours course will be admitted after a personal interview.

4. Students should bring their parents or guardians during interview and admission.

5. Details in the application form must be filled up as per matric admit card.

6. Admission will not be entertained after the last date.

7. Those students having studied under Nagaland University and desirous of changing college must produce last examination admit card, marksheets, registration card, transfer of certificate (NOC) from Nagaland University (original) etc.

8. The college authority will not be responsible for rejection of admission to a particular course by the Nagaland University in the process of scrutiny.


1. Payment of fees installment must be done on or before 15th of given stipulated month during the office hours. Defaulters will be charged a late fine of Rs. 300 per installment on the first month and Rs. 10 per day from the 2nd month onwards.

2. Non-payment of fees and dues at the right time will adversely affect examination management and declaration of results. Therefore, notify the office in advance in a written format by the Parents or Guardians in person, if there is any constrain.

3. Students must retain the fee receipt/book with them. In case there is discrepancy as to the payment of admission, installment, examination fee, etc. Proper receipt should be produced to support any claim. No claim shall be entertained without proper receipt.

4. If a student drops out of college or is expelled after the commencement of classes fees for the entire year is to be paid.

5. Admission or any fees once paid will not be refunded.


1. Students are required to maintain 80% attendance in class. Defaulters will not be eligible to write examination.

2. If any student is absent in class continuously for 3 days or 3 days in a month without any information or reason, his/her name will be strucked out from the attendance register. Re-enrollment of name shall require him/her to undergo Re-admission in the college.

3. Leave of absence involving prolonged illness or accident must be directly submitted to the college authority by the concerned Parents or Guardians.

4. Leave will not be entertained between/during class hours.

5. Being absent in class without leave of absence or bunking classes will be strictly dealt with.

6. Attending class is mandatory on the re-opening day of college after every holiday or vacations and also on the last day before every holiday/vacations. Fine and strict disciplinary action will be taken for being absent on those particular days.

7. All absent leave should be countersigned by Parents or Guardians with mobile numbers.


1. Students misbehaving with Faculties and Staffs will dealt with seriously even to the extent of expulsion from the college.

2. Students misbehaving in college uniform outside the college campus or bringing bad name to the college will be directly expelled from the college.

3. Students taking tobacco, intoxicated drinks or other banned items in and around the college campus will be strictly dealt with.

4. Students found vandalizing or damaging College property which include furniture, walls and buildings, tearing and damaging books and journals in the library will be dealt strictly along with penalties.

5. any student can be asked to leave the College on the ground of Poor Academic Performance, Irregular Attendance, Breach of Discipline and Non-payment of ees.

6. All the students are also mandatory to attend all the social works, functions, talks by visitors or special invitees, seminars, retreats and conferences organized by the college. Fines as well as strict disciplinary actions will be taken against the particular student.

7. Students are mandatory to attend and take part in all the college fellowships.

8. Students should carry their identity card during college hours.

9. Students should converse only in English during college hours.

Dress Code

1. All the students should wear neat and clean uniform.

2. Only the prescribed Blazer should be worn during winter.

3. Students without proper uniform will be levied with fines, suspension and even to the extent of expulsion.


1. Students should write all the Examinations, Class Tests and Assignments assigned by the Assistant Professors or Authority. Failing which the authority will take strict action.

2. No leave of absence will be entertained during examinations or any important college functions and activities.

3. Students should not carry books, papers, mobiles etc inside the Examination hall failing which it will be considered as use of unfair means.

Transfer Certificate

1. Students will be issued Transfer Certificate or any misconduct or breach of rules and regulations framed by the College Authority.

2. Students should put up application for transfer certificate.

3. Students applying Transfer Certificate are required to pay an amount of Rs. 300/-. They are also required to pay fees for the whole academic session which consist of 6 months.

4. Students applying for Transfer Certificate must surrender College Identity Card, Library Card and other documents necessary applied with respect to college.


1. Students whose Parents are from places other than Dimapur should have Genuine Guardian.

2. No students as a group shall form any Unions or Associations other than approve by the college.

3. No students should organize any program,,es, picnics, group meetings, class meetings or any social activity without the knowledge of the college authority failing which strict disciplinary actions will be taken even to the extent of expulsion from college.

4. Student's Collection of cash of any kind must first has to be approved by the college authority.

5. Students, Parents and Guardians should adhere by the rules & regulations of the college for the smooth functioning of the college.

6. Students, Parents and Guardians are responsible to the college authority for any misconduct or breach or rules & regulations frame by the college form time to time.