Education means an all-round development i.e.mental, physical, spiritual, social and vocational and as such must be educated in all of these. Theoretical knowledge alone cannot be called as part of education, so the importance of extra-curricular activities was realized and it has become an integral part of education. Extra-curricular activities later to the development of a child’s entire personality. It supplements academic works,socialize the students and perform the real function of education. It also serve as an eye-opener as one can see that many hidden talents are discovered and the students also learn to appreciate one another, to socialize and make new acquaintance, and take up responsibilities

To supervise the students more closely, the college has 9 Guardianships. All the students are inducted under the care of one Assistant Professor. The 9 Guardianship with respective Assistant Professors are:

Aristotle Guardianship

Aristotle Guardianship, whose name was taken after the founding father of Political Science, is a group comprising of 17 Students under the guardianship of Mr. Luto Swuro, Assistant Professor of Political Science Department. The main motive behind this guardianship is to motivate and monitor the students in their academic, moral and spiritual life. Guardianship meetings are also held to provide the platform for the Students to share their problems and to bring out the possible solution.  Besides, various activities and competitions are also conducted guardianship wise where the Aristotle Guardianship had achieved some positions in the competitions such as Second Position in the Flex making Competition on the “World Environment Day” and also the Third Position bagged by the Girls team in the Guardianship Volleyball Tournament. 

Auguste Comte Guardianship

Auguste Comte Guardianship, whose name was taken after the founding father of Sociology is a group comprising of students from every semester. Every Assistant Professor is assigned with different students known as Guardianship. The Teacher in-charge of Auguste Comte group is Miss. Khenili Kiho, Asst. Professor of Sociology. The main motive of having guardianship is to motivate the students and to monitor them in academic, spiritual life etc. Here, the students also share their strength and weakness, be it personal or academic related.


Besides the focus in the academy, various activities are also conducted Guardianship wise. So far, Auguste Comte group has also won in different activities like:

  • 2nd Runner’s Up- ‘Classroom Competition’ (2017)
  • ‘Drama Competition’ (2017)
  • 3rd Runner’s Up- ‘An Agent for a Day’ (2017)
  • 2nd Runner’s Up- ‘Ethnic Round’ (2017)
  • 1st Runner’s Up- ‘Modern Round’ (2017)
  • 2nd Runner’s Up- ‘Christmas Decoration’ (2017)
  • 3rd Runner’s Up- ‘Slogan Competition’ (2017)
  • Painting Competition on ‘World No Tobacco Day’ (2018)
  • 3rd Runner’s Up- ‘Flex Competition’ (2018)
  • 2nd Runner’s Up- ‘Painting Competition’ (2018)
  • 2nd Runner’s Up- Boys ‘Volleyball Match’ (2018)
  • 2nd Runner’s Up- ‘Classroom Decoration’ (2019)

  • 1st Runner’s Up- Flex Competition on ‘Air Pollution’ (2019)

  • 2nd Runner’s Up- ‘Cultural Dance Competition’ (2020)

G. S Ghurye Guardianship

G.S Ghurye Guardianship is taken after the name of a great Sociologist, who is also known as the father of Indian Sociology. The aim of this guardianship is to shape and mould the students intellectually & spiritually. The students from different semesters are assigned under the care and guidance of each Assistant Professor who acts as a mentor and guide. Besides this, the students also take part in various events and activities organized by the College to help them progress in all fields. The students of this guardianship strive hard to do their best in all activities conducted throughout the year.



  • Duet Competition – 3rd position.
  • Modern Couple – 3rd position.
  • Extempore Speech Competition – 2nd position.


  • Classroom Decoration – 2nd position.
  • ‘An agent for a Day’ – 3rd position.
  • Painting Competition organised by Airport Officials under the theme
  • “My vision corruption free” – 3rd position.
  • Christmas Decoration “Unleashing creativity for Christmas” – 3rd position.


  • Painting Competition on World No Tobacco Day – 1st position.
  • Flex Competition on World Environment Day under the theme “Beat Plastic Pollution” – 3rd position.
  • Debate Competition on the topic “Smart phones are making us smarter” – 1st and 3rd position.


  • Classroom Decoration – 3rd position.
  • Flex Competition on World Environment Day under the theme “ Beat Air Pollution” – 2nd position.
  • Extempore Speech – 1st position.
  • Essay Competition – 1st position.

Guardianship Volleyball Tournament :

  • Boys – 1st position.
  • Girls – 1st position.

Cultural Dance Competition under the theme “Back to Roots” – 2nd position.

Indigenous Games:

  • Cock Fight – 2nd position.
  • Hopping – 2nd position.

John Dewey Guardianship

John Dewey was a famous American Philosopher, Psychologist and Educator.  The aims and objectives of this guardianship is to give the students the opportunity to develop their personalities by participating and acquiring some proficiency in curriculum of the college.

Altogether there are 17 (Seventeen) active students involved in this group. Each member actively participates in all the events and activities, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities conducted in the college. Guardianship meeting are conducted in the college campus, with the group members participating and taking active parts in mass social work and other co-curricular activities.

Pestalozzi Guardianship

Johann Heirrich Pestalozzi was a Swiss Pedagogue and Educational Reformer. His motto was ‘learning by head, hand and heart. This guardianship based on the name PESTALOZZI under the care of Miss. Kelereno, Assistant Professor of Education seek to promote the students take part in various competition which enables them to develop their full potential. Guardianship meeting is held once every month where students open up their problems and counseling is given to the concerned students.

The various competition that the guardianship won in the year 2018 and 2019:

  • Spell bee Competition- Moingan 1st Position, 2018

  • World Environment Day flex competition- 1st Position, 2018

  • Classroom Competition 1st Position, 2019

  • Voice of JNAC – Kuzunulu 3rd Position, 2019

  • Bamboo climbing- Vetsiito


Quintus Guardianship

J.N. Aier College being Awarded the 3rd Best College Under North-East Graduate Congress-2019, comprises of various ‘Guardianship’, with Quintus Horatius being one of it. ‘Quintus Guardianship’ was named after Quintus Horatius Flaccus, who was one of the greatest and leading Roman hyric poet during the time of Augustus, and with Quintus as our guardianship figure, who tells us far more about himself in his writings, his character, his development and his way of life than any other great poet in antiquity, we tend to develop  the students character, to nurture them in all round development.

The main purpose of introducing these guardianship is to impact life of the students overall, in order to bring the best out of them, give them a platform to express and discover their talents. Group Quintus led by Teacher In-charge Miss. Teyenle Seb Rengma, Assistant Professor, Department of English has taken part in various competition and therefore brought glorial to the guardianship.

Seleucus Guardianship

The name Seleucus guardianship was taken from one of the ruler from Seleucid dynasty of Macedonia. The Teacher In-charge of Seleucus guardianship is Miss. Sevolu Kezo, Assistant Professor of History. The main motive is to encourage and monitor the students in academic as well as in other activities. Guardianship meetings are held from time to time and in those meetings the teacher interacts with the students and try to win the students confidence. Thereon, the student shares their problem be it personal or academic related. Every student has different personality and needs. Accordingly, in these meetings the teacher tries to learn and understand the strength and weakness of every student and thus monitor them to excel by encouraging them according to their personality. Besides, academic monitoring, various extra-curricular activities are also competed among the Guardianships.

So far Seleucus guardianship has won in:

  • Traditional Attire (2016)
  • An Agent for A day (2017)

  • Extempore Speech (2017)

  • Ethnic Round (2017)

  • Debate Competition (2018)

  • Classroom Decoration (2019)

Shakespeare Guardianship

Shakespeare Guardianship taken after the name of Shakespeare, the Father of English Drama, is among the 9 Guardianships of J.N. Aier College that aims to bequeath spiritual, moral and intellectual guidance to the students under the supervision of an Assistant Professor. Currently, this guardianship is headed under the guidance of Miss. Senjumbeni Jami, Assistant Professor of English Department. Through the numerous activities and competitions held by the college, the students under Shakespearean Guardianship have been able to unmask their talents, discover their competence and develop their personalities. With their sincere dedication and immense effort, the guardianship has emerged victorious in numerous competitions.

Their achievements are listed below :


  • Pamphlet competition. (2nd position)

  • Tree plantation.  (3rd position)

  • Extempore Speech competition. (3rd position)


  • Classroom decoration. (1st position)

  • Painting competition. (1st position)


  • Drama competition. (3rd position)

  • World No Tobacco Day painting competition. (2nd position)

  • Flex competition. (2nd position)


  • Classroom Decoration. (1st position)
  • Painting Competition. (1st position)

  • Flex competition. (3rd position)

  • Extempore Speech Competition. (3rd position)

Spencer Guardianship

Edmund Spencer is taken after the name of the greatest English Poet, who is also recognized as one of the premier craftsmen of nascent Modern English Verse. Students and staff are allocated a guardianship when they join the college. Each guardianship is under the charge of Assistant Professor along with the captains who shoulder the responsibility through monitorial system and endure a smooth and efficient functioning of the team.  Mrs. Susila Basnet, Assistant Professor of English Department is the in-charge of the guardianship ‘Spencer’. The main purpose of this guardianship is to expand on how the students endeavors to inculcate the spirit of competition, mutual co-operation, tolerance, adjustment, team spirit and other qualities. It also helps the students grow with the sense of great responsibility towards their actions in life and also avail the opportunities provided to them in all its events so that they can introspect their hidden talents. Throughout the academic year, students take part in a variety of events and compete with each other.

List of activities won by Spencer:

  • First position in Essay Competition held on 4th Nov. 2016.

  • First position in Group Song Competition held on 5th Nov. 2016.

  • First position in Duet Song Competition held on 28th May 2016.

  • First position in Flex Competition on the topic Connecting Nature to People held on 5th June 2017.

  • First position in Christmas Decoration Competition held on 28th Nov. 2017.

  • Third position in Modern Round at Cultural Day held on 18th Nov.2017.

  • First position begged by Newtoli G. Chishi  in ‘Slogan Competition’ on HIV/AIDS held on 29th Nov, 2017

  • Third position in Flex Competition in World Environment Day on the topic ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ held on 5th June 2018.

  • First position in Guardianship Competition at Annual Day held on 23rd March 2019.

  • Second position in Flex Competition at World No Tobacco Day held on 31st may 2019.


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