Faculty Meeting

A successful institution is always based on well-organized and coordinated strategies between the faculties and the Head of the Institutions. As a result, students not only excel in their studies but also learn to face life’s challenges with positivity.


J.N. Aier College conducts a general faculty meeting every month. Through this meeting important issues and concerns about the students welfare and progress is discussed. The teachers are always encouraged to look after the students, with the attitude of not just a teacher but a guide and a friend who they can rely and trust. The head of institutions with the teachers always edify one another with the word of God in turns during this meeting.

Apart from the general meeting, department wise meeting are also held now and then, where the teachers gives an account of the students’ progress to the authority. The teacher is asked to monitor and encourage students who excel in their studies and also proper care and aid to be given to the average students with strategic plans and purpose for the benefit of the students.

Meeting is also held to see the progress of the syllabus, so that each department does not lack behind for the scheduled exam. This meeting helps the teacher to have sufficient time to finish the course and revise the chapter which is felt necessary.

J.N. Aier College always gives due importance to the students and in every way tries to promote and develop the students in every area of their life. The effort of the authority and the teachers does not go unrewarded. Whatever is highlighted during the meeting is well implemented by the teachers in the classroom, which is one of its utmost merits of the college.