Curricular & Extra-Curricular Activities


Education means an all-round development i.e.mental, physical, spiritual, social and vocational and as such must be educated in all of these. Theoretical knowledge alone cannot be called as part of education, so the importance of extra-curricular activities was realized and it has become an integral part of education. Extra-curricular activities later to the development of a child’s entire personality. It supplements academic works,socialize the students and perform the real function of education. It also serve as an eye-opener as one can see that many hidden talents are discovered and the students also learn to appreciate one another, to socialize and make new acquaintance, and take up responsibilities.

To supervise the students more closely, the college has 9 Guardianships. All the students are inducted under the care of one Assistant Professor. The 9 Guardianship with respective Assistant Professors are:

  1. Aristotle –Mr. Luto

  2. Auguste Comte –Miss. Khenili

  3. G.S.Ghurye –Miss. Kevileno

  4. John Dewey-Miss. Vilesu

  5. Pestalozzi –Mrs. Keleseno

  6. Quintus Hortius –Miss Teyenle

  7. Seleucus –Miss. Sevolu

  8. Shakespeare –Miss. Senjumbeni

  9. Spencer-Mrs. Susila

All the Extra-Curricular and literary competitions are competed among the 9 Guardianships. The in-charge of the Extra-Curricular activities are:

  1. Ms. Sevolu Kezo, Asst. Prof of History

  2. Ms. Senjumbeni Jami, Asst. Prof of English

  3. Ms. Petongsangla, Literary Secretary

  4. Mr. Pikavi H Huru, Assistant Literary Secretary

  1. The College Conducts various activities for developing Social, Moral and Spiritual Values.
  2. The College Conducts fellowship every Wednesday and Saturdays as well as Spiritual camps once every year.
  3. The College also gives Career Guidance Seminars, Personal Counselling, Leadership trainings, retreats etc.
  4. Chapels are Conducted Everyday.
  5. Every Student is placed under the guardianship of Assistant Professors.
  6. For hostelers Prayer Fellowship is held every evening.
  7. College also provides healthy atmosphere for Games & Sports.
  8. Different competitions among the guardianship is held throughout the academic year and awards are rewarded on the College Annual Day.
  9. Red Ribbon Club (RRC)
  10. National Service Scheme (NSS) 
  11. National Cadet Corps (NCC)
  • Represented Nagaland at the NSS North East Youth Festival at Tezpur along with Tetso College, on January 2020
  • POW-WOW 2019 Inter College Quiz Competition.
  • Represented the State of Nagaland during the National Service Scheme “National integration Camp” 2019 at Guwahati.
  • Declared the 3rd Best College in the North-East during the 6th Northeast Graduate Congress 2019 organized by the University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya.
  • Participated in Football Tournament organized by Shokhuvi baptist Church, Youth Ministry 2017.
  • Participated in Unity Cup organized by Nepali Baptist Church, Youth Ministry, Chumukedima 2017.
  • Bizhorn (Inter College) 2015: A-Team – 1st Position in PC Gaming, 1st Position in DOTA and 2nd Position in Counter Strike and Sketching, 2nd Position in Table Tennis, 2nd Position in Mixed Double and Corporate relay.
  • Best upcoming College for Red Ribbon Club (RCC) under Nagaland State AIDS Control Society (NSACS) Govt. of Nagaland.
  • Zoomax Fest (Inter College) 2014: Best Discipline College, 2nd Position in Dance, Song Competition and Essay, 3rd Position in Painting and Extempore, Miss Best Talent.
  • Zoomax Fest (Inter College) 2013: Best Discipline College, 3rd Position in Photography.
  • Zoomax Fest (Inter College) 2012: 1st Position in Extempore Speech, 2nd Position in Quiz, 3rd Position in Essay and Painting.
  • Best Discipline Team Ever Rising Youth Club Cricket Tournament 2012.

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