About College

J.N. Aier College was formally inagurated on 28th May 2011. The College has been established with the approval of Government of Nagaland and Nagaland University.

J.N. Aier College is a coed institution. The College is Affiliated to Nagaland University. This institution offers Bachelor’s Degree Course in Arts Stream. The College comprises of two main buildings. The North Block houses Class Rooms, Common Room, Chapel and South Block houses Library, Administrative Office and attached Boy’s and Girl’s Hostels

J.N. Aier College seeks a challenging position in a dynamic environment, where we can utilize our skills, proficiency and with the gift of our experiences in initiating students in prospective horizons, thereby finding a vocation in which each individual is best fit for. We always believe that one should impart the kind of education that keeps the food, clothing, parental care, morality, religion, customs of time, and yet endeavor greater heights to discover and nurture the talents in the fold, inspiring them to unveil the essence and mysteries of knowledge, wisdom and truth so that they can fend for the common good and ultimately for themselves. We impressed upon the dignity of labour because, the underlying is contentment and collective prosperity.

"these souls are mine to make, to mould, and push them into noticed corners"

Aims & Objectives

1. The College aims to impart education of the highest quality as well as instill in the students the need for wisdom and truth.

2. The College aims to ensure that all the Pupils are given guidance on careers and citizenship programmes.

3. Guidance on Social, Moral and Spiritual Values.

4. Guidance on healthy personality development.

5. The College ensure to provide quality teaching through qualified personals.

6. The College aims to bring students from all walks of life under one banner so as to bring about social unity.

7. The College will also provide personal guidance to the students catering their individual needs.

Because you deserve to shine.